Shahrukh Husain

Writer of fiction, scripts, and traditional tales

A Restless Wind

Workaholic Human Rights lawyer Zara Hamilton is running away: from her floundering marriage, her feeling of being homeless, her lingering questions about her mother abandoning her when she was a child. Work gives her a sense of purpose but the bleak world of her asylum-seeking clients is affecting her and she has started seeing negatives everywhere.  Then Aunt Hana, who brought her up in in a town called Trivikram, in Gujarat falls ill and asks her to carry out her final wish without the knowledge of her son or daughter-in-law.  Zara leaves London for India to see Aunt Hana and to explore ways to of rehabilitating Indian citizens who have been refused asylum in Britain.   But Aunt Hana dies before disclosing the whereabouts of her will.  Determined to fulfil her aunt’s wishes, Zara stays on to find the will but encounters hostility from friends and even family as she negotiates the diverse worlds of the aristocracy, those who serve them and the social and political reformers.  She is sucked into lingering resentments in the aftermath of the sectarian violence in Gujarat (2002).  In the process she is forced to reflect on the complexities of her origins, the richness of multicultural life in India and the possibility of finding some equilibrium.

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