Shahrukh Husain

Writer of fiction, scripts, and traditional tales

For adults

The Virago Books of Erotic Myths and Legends (Virago, 2000)

The Virago Book of Temptresses (Virago, 1998)

Sexualia Mundi (Duncan Baird Publishing, 1998) – I contributed various spreads for this encyclopaedia

Goddesses (Duncan Baird Publishing, 1997)

The Celtic Dawn (Duncan Baird Publishing, 1996)

The Virago Book of Women Who Wear The Breeches (Virago, 1995). US edition titled Handsome Heroines (Anchor Doubleday)

The Virago Book of Witches (Virago, 1993). US edition titled Dancing in the Moon (Faber)

The Sexual Imagination: A Feminist Companion (Jonathan Cape, 1993), edited by Harriet Gilbert – I contributed several pieces

Urdu Literature (Third World Publications, 1985), written with C Shackle and D Matthews

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