Shahrukh Husain

Writer of fiction, scripts, and traditional tales

Film and TV

Undercurrents (2012)
A feature film tribute to noir/China Town set in Asian Muslim – Fruit Salad Films

Fire of Love (2007)
A feature film rewrite for Muzaffar Ali (a well-known Indian director) about the mystic and poet Rumi

The Last Mahajara (2004)
A film script in development with Gurinder Chadha: British Film Council/Bendit Films

Lucrezia Borgia and Mata Hari (2000)
TV mini-series in development with Phyllis Carlysle.  Italian director Stephano Reali was attached to Lucrezia

NO! (1999)
Segment for Sisters of the South (UNICEF Year of Woman and Child)
30-minute theatrical film script for Seagull Entertainment (Commissioned by UNICEF Films Division)

Marianne, My Fantasy (1998)
Feature film script for Jean-Louis Bironne Productions: based on the novel by Shizuko Natsuki: Basic Instinct meets Remains of the Day

Lilah (1995)
A romantic fantasy for Buena Vista Films: Disney: Executive Producer: Goldie Hawn: To star Anette Bening

In Custody (1993)
Screenplay adaptation of Anita Desai’s book for Merchant Ivory Productions: Shown at the London Film Festival: November 1993: as well as Indian, Berlin and Italian Film Festivals: Nominated for BAFTA 1994: Nominated for Best Foreign Film Oscar 1995


A Thousand and One Nights (2001)
The story of Schehrazade – Unicorn Theatre.  Broke Christmas play record for ticket sales

A Mega-Wicked Story (1990)
A play for children with an anti-drugs message: Performed as puppet theatre in summer 1993

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